Samples of my Art

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..but yours will be Unique!

Every piece of my art is uniquely created for somebody! I do have reproduction art pieces but other than that all of my art has been sold or given to somebody unique. You may pick the colours for your painting but each painting will come out uniquely different. That is the excitement of having a piece of art commissioned, why not give it a try?

Check out different samples of my art to get an idea of what I have created in the past.  If you are interested in purchasing something for yourself though, scroll down and click to purchase.

For all of my original cards, commissioned art, or corporate art, you can select the colours of your choice from the colour palette. When your art shows up at your door it will be uniquely yours. There will be no other painting like the one that you own!

The texture of my acrylic paints really comes alive  after they have dry. No reproduction on earth can replicate the authentic feel of divots and peaks dancing off of the canvas. Click a picture to catch a glimpse, but only a purchase in your hands will reveal the true feel of my textured acrylic abstract art!

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