Why Ben's Art?

  • For Support
  • For Therapy
  • For You

On September 19, 2002 at age 18, Benjamin started his journey as an acquired brain injury survivor. He received four years of intense therapy that focused on walking and balance, speech pathology, cognitive and fine motor skills. His paintings now encompass all of these therapies.


A typical painting day for Benjamin includes getting out of bed and moving to his studio. He is then presented with colours of paint and is asked to communicate the hues he wants for the project at hand. He holds the paint brush and generates the expression of art through the movement of his hand. His artwork has become therapeutic and gives him great sense of purpose in his life. 

Enjoy a beautiful piece of Ben's original art. All of his art is either a duplicate of his original, or a commissioned piece that only you will ever own! We are pleased to present to you originals and reproductions of Ben’s handmade acrylic paintings.

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